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Why Use Postech Scew Piles?

Everyone loves Postech Scew Piles because
the installation is simple and fast.
Contact us for a
Free Quote
Give us a call to start your project with Postech. We will guide you in choosing the right foundation and we will answer your questions, inform you of prices associated with our Thermal Piles and provide you with a FREE quote.
Installed in a
few hours
We will schedule an appointment with you for the quick installation. We will perform the work with the higest stardand of quality and professionalism. Postech Thermal Screw Piles will give you the best results for your foundation.
Years of
Immediately upon installation your laser leveled foundation is ready to be built on. Armed with an exclusive 7 year performance guarantee, doing business with Postech is… STARTING OFF on a SOLID FOUNDATION!
Postech Screw Pile is BETTER in every way compared to the old fashio concrete sonotube
Screw Pile                           Concrete
  • No limits associated to climate, except for frozen soils.
  • Reusable, eco-friendly.
  • Lower cost, less down time. No landscaping damages.
  • Minimal equipment, simple access. A one man job… most of the time.
  • Clean, no excavation needed to install.
  • Clean, no excavation needed to install.
  • Planning is limited to installing markers showing the installation site and height above ground needed.
  • Limited to dry, above freezing conditions.
  • Impossible to reuse.
  • Excavation, dirt, drying time, landscaping required.
  • Many pieces of equipment and people running around.
  • Leftover material, excavation needed, heavy concrete truck damaging your landscaping and paved driveway.
  • Excavation, forms, concrete, and many hours of installation. Almost always without warranty.
  • One full time employee on site to coordinate the work.
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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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