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Residential Contractors: Why You Should Consider Using Helical Piles for Your Projects

Residential construction projects (big or small) can be complex, requiring a lot of planning and coordination to ensure that they are completed on time and within budget. One crucial aspect of any construction project is the foundation, which is the base upon which the entire building rests. When it comes to foundation options, residential contractors have a range of choices, from traditional methods like concrete, sonotubes but also other options like helical piles.

There are multiple reasons why helical piles are the best options such as versatility, low environmental impact, minimal site disruption, they are suitable for tight spaces, strong load-bearing capacity, long-lasting because of galvanization but in this article, we'll concentrate on two reasons why residential contractors should consider using helical piles for their projects: their cost-effectiveness and quick installation method.


One of the main benefits of using helical piles for residential construction projects (decks, sheds, fences, sunrooms, house additions…. Basically anything that needs a foundation) is their cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional foundation methods like concrete, helical piles are usually more affordable, requiring less time and labor for installation.

Traditional foundation methods often require extensive excavation and the use of heavy equipment, which can be time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, helical piles can be installed quickly and without excavation, using smaller, more efficient equipment. This can significantly reduce the cost of labor and equipment, making helical piles an attractive option for residential contractors looking to save money on their projects. Imagine all the work and money saved by avoiding digging 6-foot-deep holes for big foot sonotubes and removing all the backfill it creates and all the headaches associated with that.

Additionally, because helical piles are made of durable materials and fully galvanized, they can provide long-lasting support for residential buildings, reducing the need for maintenance and repair over time. This can further reduce costs associated with the foundation, making helical piles an excellent investment for contractors/homeowners.

Quick Installation

Another benefit of using helical piles for residential construction projects is their quick installation time. Helical piles can be installed in a matter of hours, compared to traditional foundation methods, which can take days or even weeks. Sonotubes require multiple steps, excavation, mixing concrete, waiting for the concrete to cure (hopefully it doesn’t rain during that time), and waiting for the city inspector to conduct an inspection to approve the installation (if a city permit is needed), backfilling and finish with grass seeding/sodding to repair the area. With helical piles, it’s as simple as X marks the spot on the ground where piles need to go and as soon as the piles are installed effortlessly and without any mess, it’s ready to frame and get on with building the structure!

This quick installation time can be especially beneficial for residential contractors who are working on projects with tight deadlines. Because helical piles do not require excavation or the use of heavy equipment, they can be installed quickly and efficiently, allowing contractors to move on to other aspects of the project more quickly.

Furthermore, the quick installation time of helical piles can reduce disruption to the surrounding area, as there is minimal excavation or disturbance of the soil. This can be important for residential projects located in established neighborhoods or areas with limited space.


Overall, helical piles are an excellent foundation option for residential contractors building decks, sheds, fences, sunrooms, house additions, and more, offering a range of benefits including cost-effectiveness, quick installation, and long-lasting durability. By considering helical piles for their projects, contractors can save time and money while also providing a stable, reliable foundation for their residential buildings.

Don’t hesitate to share your next project with us so we can provide you with a free quote and let you know how we can save you trouble, and headaches and streamline your foundation installation process with helical piles! Trust me, we will change your life and you’ll never go back to sonotubes after that!


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